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  • About Ideal Honey Bees

    Ideal Honey Bees, based in Sparta,Wisconsin, is leader in raising and keeping bees and the production of high quality products from bee collonies, pure natural Honey, pollen and bees wax just to name a few. Also the sale of live bees, Queen bees, compleat bee hives and nucleus colloinies.

    Ideal Honey Bees

    Beekeeping Products

    Beekeeping Hive

    nucleus colonies


    Over winterd 5 frame nucleus colony with laying queen

    Beekeeping Hive

    Beehive with bees


    Compleeate beehive with bees and queen deep box 8 or 10 frame.

    Beekeeping Hive

    Queen Bees


    Hygenic Mated Queen bees

    Beekeeping Hive
    $5 - $60

    Pure Local Honey

    Price:$5 - $60

    Pure Local Honey

    Beekeeping Hive

    Bee Pollen


    Fresh local bee pollen

    Beekeeping Training For Beginner

    Honey Products

    Beekeeping Hive
    $7 - $49

    Pure Flower Honey

    Price:$7 - $49

    Pure wisconsin Flower Honey wild flower honey

    Beekeeping Hive

    Comb honey in a Jar


    Pure comb home in a jar drawn out and filled by the bees.

    Beekeeping Hive

    Creamed Honey


    Creamed honey

    Beekeeping Hive

    Pure Comb Honeyy


    purelocal comb honey

    Honey Toast
    $32 - $39

    Honey Toast Consists

    Price:$32 - $39

    Honey Toast Consists of bread topped with honey and ice cream, full testy.

    About Bees

    Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

    A queen bee is typically an adult, mated female that lives in a colony or hive of honey bees. With fully developed reproductive organs, the queen is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive. Queens are developed from larvae selected by worker bees and specially fed in order to become sexually mature. There is normally only one adult, mated queen in a hive, in which case the bees will usually follow and fiercely protect her.


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    Drone Bee

    Drone Bee

    A drone is a male honey bee. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers. They gather neither nectar nor pollen and are unable to feed without assistance from worker bees. A drone's only role is to mate with an unfertilized hives and nucleus colloinies.

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    Worker Bee

    Worker Bee

    A worker bee is any female (eusocial) bee that lacks the full reproductive capacity of the colony's queen bee; under most circumstances, this is correlated to an increase in certain non-reproductive activities relative to a queen. While worker bees occur in all eusocial bee species, the term is rarely used (outside of scientific literature) for any bees other than honey bees.

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    The Best quality products, Bees, Queens and Honey

    Products from the hive

    Client 1


    Hygienic Hybrid honey bees are the most recommended for beginning beekeeping, because they are very gentle, easy to work with and are excellent pollinatros. The Italian Hybrid is considered the best all purpose bee. The queens lay a lot of eggs and larva, so they are able to build up their population early in the spring to bring in lots of pollen and nectar. They maintain a strong workforce all summer long by the continued high brood rearing, and as a result, they have an excellent foraging ability and high honey production during the honey flow.

    Client 2


    Our Hygienic Queens are a product of strict breeding to produce the best strongest bees available. They are great producers and winter well, have a higher resistant to most known bee diseases.

    Client 3


    The best Wisconsin Honey comes to you stright from our own beehivesthe sweet fine tast of our Clover honey. It is light in color and delicate in flavor.